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Self-Publishing Made Simple – How to Use Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to quickly and easily self-publish your book in various formats, including eBook, paperback, and hardcover. Step-by-step videos walk you through the process from start to finish! Companion book also available.

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Book Marketing Made Simple – This training course walks you through book promotions, selling strategies, and a whole lot more to help you sell more books. It includes no-cost and low-cost methods, as well as expensive options as well. Companion book also available.

Author Journey Roadmap Training Bundle Package – NOW AVAILABLE

Author Journey TRAINING Bundle!

Author Journey Success Online Training

Author Journey Success in 7 Steps – This training bundle guides you along your author journey and explains the practical steps to take to successfully plan, outline, write, publish and market your book. The bundle includes 7 Steps Training, Q&A Session with Author Guests, Marketing Tips and Strategies, and the following downloadable resources:

• Author Journey Roadmap Infographic
• 50-page Author Journey Workbook!
• Author Tips and Advice
• Extra FREE Gift! Defining Your Ideal Audience

Canva Made Simple – Step-by-Step Training NOW 50% OFF!

Step-by-Step Canva Training

Need a step-by-step course that you can complete at your own pace? This training course provides step-by-step training videos on how to use Canva to create stunning graphics, animations, and videos for business, education, social media, and lots more!

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