Author Journey Success Toolkit Series

  • Author Journey Success Toolkit Series


What is the Author Journey Success Toolkit? It is a book series combined with training videos and courses for anyone who wants to be an author! Everyone learns differently and at a variable pace. That’s why I created books, training videos, and courses to offer a variety of training to meet everyone’s needs.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I have a free Author Journey Success Roadmap for you to download to get started. Click here to get your FREE roadmap.

The Author Journey Success Toolkit Series is designed to help writers learn all the steps to become an authorpreneur. The first book in the series, Author Journey Success: 7 Steps to Your Bestselling Book, and the companion workbook, Author Journey Success Workbook: Track Your Writing, Self Publishing and Marketing from Start to Finish, include everything you need to becoming a published author!

Learn about my journey and how I wrote, formatted, designed, self-published and launched 9 books in five years while working full-time! PLUS, learn how I transitioned to freelance work, helping other writers achieve their dream, all while I continued creating more books.

  • Accomplish Your Writing Goals and Get to the Finish Line
  • Follow 7 Simple Steps to Become an Authorpreneur
  • Take Your Writing to the Next Level and Become a Published Author

Anything is Possible…So What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Author Journey NOW!

Book 1 topics include:

  • Building a Rock-Solid Foundation and Setting Measurable Goals
  • The Writing Process and Optimizing Your Writing Schedule
  • Getting Started With Pre-Marketing
  • Building a Successful Author Network
  • The Formatting and Editing Process
  • The Self-Publishing Process
  • The Book Launch and Beyond

Book 2, Self-Publishing Journey Success: How to Get Your Book on Amazon Using KDP is NOW AVAILABLE! This book dives deep into self-publishing and explains all the steps you need to self-publish your book using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Book 2 topics include:

  • Preparing Your Book For Self-Publishing
  • Book Dimension Decisions
  • Formatting Your Book
  • Your Book Cover and Title
  • How to Use KDP for ebook or Paperback books
  • Converting Your Manuscript for KDP
  • The Uploading Process
  • What to Do After You Publish Your Book
  • Self-Publishing Resources

Book 3, Book Marketing Success – 101 Ways to Promote Your Book is NOW AVAILABLE! By using the book promotion strategies in this book, you can effectively learn how to market your book, using low-cost and no-cost solutions and ideas.

Book 3 topics include:

  • Pre-Marketing Strategies
  • Building Your Brand
  • How to Create Book Mockups
  • How to Get Honest Reviews
  • KDP Select Promotions
  • Book Launch Strategies
  • Amazon Categories and Book Rankings
  • The Truth About Bestseller Banners
  • Book Re-Release Strategies
  • More Ways to Promote Your Book

Author Journey Success is an easy-to-follow guide to publish your book, whether it’s a non-fiction or fiction novel. Amelia walks you through each step, from beginning your manuscript to launching your book, giving you links for videos to guide you through the process. There’s even a companion workbook available so you can keep track of your progress! The author’s uplifting and supportive approach in teaching, is not only encouraging but enjoyable. If you are ready to become a published author, then this book is for you!

~ H. C. Hewitt


This book has so many helpful resources, and it was easy to access a lot of information from the links, which are all so user friendly and a fantastic resource.

~ Julie Buehrle Luyster


I learned so much in each chapter of this book. I feel more inspired now to write a book. Amelia has such a gift of teaching and helping a reader feel confident, as she shares her own experiences. She takes a subject that is just a dream to many people and guides you through the process in a simple and practical way, all the while, keeping me us entertained by her stories. A must read for anyone that wants the book inside to come out!

— Nancy Lysandrou


Amelia Griggs’s Author Journey Success – 7 Steps to Your Bestselling Book, and Author Journey Success Workbook – Track Your Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Marketing are must-reads for authors looking to learn the basic steps and pitfalls of the writing and publishing book business. The books are great “how-tos,” filled with practical, insightful and motivating suggestions to help an aspiring author navigate and succeed in this highly competitive and fast-changing world. I would recommend these books to anyone just getting started and naturally feeling overwhelmed. Amelia will guide you. I have inde-published three books but still found many gems to help me going forward.

— James Hockenberry

Amelia Griggs’ new writing series, AUTHOR JOURNEY SUCCESS, offers both new and established authors the building blocks to creating a successful writing career. All the puzzling pieces from why even become a writer through getting that first draft completed to creating a strong book launch is laid out in simple to follow steps in book one, ‘7 Steps To Your Best Selling Book’. Motivational quotes and an accompanying workbook reinforces each chapter’s concepts. In today’s sea of “how-to” writing books, the AUTHOR JOURNEY SUCCESS series will be the north star guide for every writer’s journey to publication.

~ Donna L Martin


This book is well organized and easy to understand. I like that the author added a companion workbook. It’s great for those who need/want a book coach, but aren’t up for it, or don’t have the money for it.

~ Heidi Thorne


The Author Journey Success book is very comprehensive and detailed. It can help aspiring authors overcome challenges and help them succeed in their writing journey. The companion workbook is perfect for any aspiring writer as it is sequential and concise.

— COL Rick Kiernan



Extremely well written book. Super clear and easy to follow. When writing a new book it’s tempting to just start pounding away at the keys without a process. Don’t go it alone. This book covers virtually everything you could possibly need to know to write and publish your dream book.

~ Ramone42