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NEW! Amelia’s Creative Learning Corner for Kids ~ YouTube Channel

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Check out my new (second) YouTube channel which is called “Amelia’s Creative Learning Corner for Kids”. This channel is specifically for kids, parents and teachers and will include children’s book trailers, story time readings, crafts, coloring, animations and more!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love creating software training and other instructional videos for my Easy Learning YouTube channel. Although I’m still planning on creating lots more “tech” videos, I’m expanding my library of learning videos to help kids as well as adults. Look for fun, learning videos designed to promote fun family activities.

I need your help with the launch of my new channel. Click here to take a look and be sure to share and subscribe so you don’t miss any new videos! I welcome your feedback so please let me know what you would like to see more of on the YouTube channel.

Click here to check out the new YouTube channel: Amelia’s Creative Learning Corner for Kids! 

I welcome your ideas, comments and questions.

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NEW! Coloring and Activity Book


The first in a series of coloring and activity books as part of the Bella and Friends Learning Series is now available on

ABC Letter Tracing PLUS Coloring and Activity Fun

This fun coloring and activity book is “Apple” and “Apple Cake” themed and includes lots of FUN Activities including:

  • Learning the Alphabet (food-themed words and illustrations for each letter of the alphabet, like A is for Apple, F is for Fruit and Friends!)
  • Letter Tracing (upper and lower case letters of the alphabet)
  • Coloring (full page illustrations including apple picking at the farm, kitchen scenes, baking and cooking, food)
  • Spot the Difference (which basket of apples is different)
  • Counting (exercises like count the apples, and count the trees)
  • Rhyming (draw a line to match the rhyming words)
  • Opportunities for interactive activities (How loud can you laugh? Try juggling some apples for fun! What other words start with the letter)
  • Promotes outdoor activity (introduces fruit and apple picking; J for Jumping and W is for Walking encourages exercise)

This coloring book is inspired by the book “Silly Willy Apple Cake” which is part of the Bella and Mia Adventure Book Series.

This learning series is inspired by the books in the Bella and Mia Adventure Series, where the use of rhymes and recipes promote fun activities with parent and child. Now it’s time for more interactive fun!