For the Love of Writing

Do you love to write?

Are you a storyteller? If so, perhaps you love to write, and you have a secret dream of writing a book someday. You are detailed oriented and you use expression when you describe someone or something. When you tell a story, you are passionate about it. You see the story in your head. You see the characters’ faces, expressions, smiles and tears. You feel their pain, their joy, their failure, and their success.

Do you fit into one of these categories?

  • You like to listen to other people tell stories. Maybe you are intrigued to hear and see characters in a story, and you have your own ideas in your head everyday about new stories you want to write and share about your own characters.
  • You have a wealth of knowledge about a particular subject and you are going to explode if you just don’t write a book about it.
  • You want to share what you know and help the world in some big or small way.
  • You love to draw and write and you dream of writing children’s books and reading to children, and seeing your children’s books in schools, libraries and bookstores.
  • You read a self-help book, and you think, wow, this happened to me, so why don’t I write a book about it?

You can write a book! If I can do it, you can do it too!

For starters, buy a colorful fun notebook or journal or two to have on hand to write ideas as they pop into your head. I like to have a couple journals and notebooks in my office, a small one at bedside and another small one in my purse or car too. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night and need to write a story idea down right away. Write them down right away!

I’m excited about helping others who want to join me in the writing and self-publishing journey. I wrote about my author journey and created a book series to help other writers. I would love to hear from you and your writing journey as well! If you’re sure how to get started, go to the Contact us and drop me a line.

Happy Writing!


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