Book Update for 2020

Leap Year News

The year 2020 will be a special year for all of us. Since 2020 is a leap year, there is a whole extra day in February which offers us an extra 24 hours to devote to anything we like. What will you do with the extra time? Will you…

  • Take a fun day trip?
  • Spend time with family?
  • Read lots of books?
  • Write a book, maybe a memoir?
  • Catch up on sleep?
  • Self-publish a book?
  • Look for a new job?

If something is holding you back, let go of it. There is no time like the present to follow your dreams and make things happen. Make 2020 the year you make your dreams come true. Dream a little…dream a lot! Set your sights on something on January 13, 2020, which is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Dream a lot and dream big on September 25, 2020 which is World Dream Day!

design-3315253_1920_updated for 2020

If you have an idea about something you want to do in 2020, write it down before it flies right out of your head. I keep journals and notebooks, both paper and electronic all over the house, because you never know when the next big idea will pop up.

Here’s what I’m working on and what to expect in the new year:

Children’s Books

As you know, I write in different genres including fiction and non-fiction; first, let’s start with my children’s books, the Bella and Mia Adventure series. There are three books in the series so far, including Silly Willy Apple Cake, Squishy Wishy Meatballs and Snowflakes With Sugar. Formats include ebook version, paperback and hard cover. These books are close to my heart because each book is based on sweet memories of me watching my mother in the kitchen as a young girl, and learning how to cook. As companions for the children’s book series, I am working on coloring and activity books. More news coming soon!

New Series! My Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing Journey

Although I love to write and create, my life would not be complete unless I was helping others. My Author Journey Success Toolkit series documents how I managed to write and self-publish six books while working full-time over several years. There will also be links to resources including articles, weekly tips and videos to demonstrate the process. I’m looking forward to helping other aspiring writers fulfill their dream of publishing a book. UPDATE: As of 2022, I have self-published 14 books in various genres, and I’m happy to share the story of my journey with you in my latest book series, “Author Journey Succcess: 7 Steps to Your Bestselling Book“.

Technology Books

My first book series was based on years of training and support on Microsoft Office. Working in different industries helped me see first hand what people needed across the globe – bite sized learning and online reference to help them do things quicker in a fast paced world. Now that Office 365 is out, I’m testing out the waters in the latest version of Office. So if you want lots of tech tips, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel where you’ll find dozens of software training videos. To keep up with the pace of the latest version of Office 365, more videos are coming, along with Office 365 quick reference guides. You are also welcome to visit my Easy Learning “techie” website which I’m in the process of revamping and expanding.

What…No Novel Yet?

I starting writing a novel a few years back, but when I decided to pursue self-publishing, I decided to start with some smaller publications first, which were more manageable as I researched and learned the self-publishing process. My novel is out there, waiting for me when I’m ready to return.

In the meantime, look for more articles and posts coming in 2020 including:

  • Book sneak peaks and trailers
  • Cover reveals
  • Author interviews and spotlights

Finally, I want to take this time to express my thanks and gratitude to all my family and friends, as well as aspiring writers, and avid readers as well!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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