Coloring and Activity Books Update

The third coloring and activity book, “Candy Canes, Snowflakes and Gingerbread Houses PLUS Coloring and Activity Fun!” is finally here in time for the holidays. This fun coloring and activity book is holiday-themed and includes lots of FUN activities including:

  • Matching Activities
  • Drawing Activities
  • Spot the Difference
  • Seek ‘N Find
  • Mazes (Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels)
  • Color by Number
  • Decorating Activities
  • Counting Activities
  • Snowflakes Dots Games
  • Missing Letters
  • Christmas Crossword
  • Fun Coloring Pages Throughout
  • BONUS Letter to Santa!

This coloring book is inspired by the book “Snowflakes With Sugar” which is part of the Bella and Mia Adventure Book Series. There are lots of candy canes, snowflakes and gingerbread houses throughout this book!

The second coloring and activity book in the Bella and Friends Learning Series, “Counting and Math with Pasta and Meatballs PLUS Coloring and Activity Fun!” is also available on Amazon and helps children learn math with the help of pasta and meatballs!

The Bella and Friends Learning Series is inspired by the books in the Bella and Mia Adventure Series, where the use of rhymes and recipes promote fun activities with parent and child. Now it’s time for more interactive and educational fun with counting and beginner Math using pasta and meatballs! Understanding numbers is important for young math learners as it promotes confidence and encourages flexible thinking.

Counting and Math with Pasta and Meatballs PLUS Coloring and Activity Fun!” contains a wide range of activities to keep kids busy for hours including:

    • Learning About Different Kinds of Pasta
    • Counting Using Different Kinds of Pasta
    • Counting Using Spaghetti and Meatballs
    • Counting and Matching with Pasta
    • Beginner Math: Adding with Pasta
    • Beginner Math: Subtracting with Pasta
    • Count, Write and Compare Meatballs
    • Practice Addition with Meatballs
    • Practice Subtraction with Meatballs
    • Seek ‘n Find
    • Spot the Difference
    • Fun Coloring Pages Throughout!


In case you missed it, the first coloring and activity book, “ABC Letter Tracing PLUS Coloring and Activity Fun” was released in March, 2020, and had a facelift in 2021 with a new and improved fun cover!

Bella and Friends Learning Series

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